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Radio WXRV The River 92.5 FM is the heartbeat of Boston's music aficionados, delivering a riveting blend of contemporary hits and classics that encapsulate the city's diverse tastes. A beacon for those seeking musical journeys that evoke emotions and nostalgia, The River stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of radio, capturing moments in every note and beat. It’s where Boston tunes in for a daily dose of rhythms that mirror its ever-evolving pulse.

Crafted with care, each broadcast on The River reflects a commitment to quality and authenticity. Driven by a love for music and community, our station offers a handpicked selection, catering to the eclectic preferences of our loyal listeners. From rock anthems to mellow acoustics, The River serves as the soundtrack to countless memories, morning commutes, and serene evenings. Embracing the dynamic culture of Boston, WXRV The River 92.5 FM promises a listening experience that’s both fresh and familiar, inviting listeners to drift along its melodious currents.

  • Bitrate: 128 kbit/s
  • Call sign: WXRV
  • Genre: pop-rock
  • Phone: 978.374.4733
  • City of license: New York
  • Owner: Northeast Broadcasting
  • Area Served: Boston, MA
  • Adress: 30 how street haver hill, ma 01830
  • Official site:
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