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Radio The Bull 94.9 FM, your ultimate destination for heart-stirring country melodies and powerful ballads. Echoing the genuine soul of country music, this station is where urban spirit meets rustic charm, ensuring listeners get their daily dose of both nostalgia and contemporary vibes. When The Bull plays, it doesn’t just fill the air with music; it narrates stories of love, life, and the open road, capturing the essence of country’s rich tapestry.The Bull 94.9 FM seamlessly blends golden oldies with today's chart-toppers, curating a musical journey that resonates with both long-time country aficionados and newer fans. With every tune, be it a guitar-driven anthem or a soft-spoken lullaby, the station evokes a myriad of emotions, transporting listeners to the vast landscapes, serene prairies, and bustling taverns that define the country genre. The Bull isn't just a radio frequency; it's a lifestyle, a celebration of the raw, unfiltered spirit of country music. Dive in, let the harmonies take over, and let The Bull 94.9 FM be the soundtrack to your adventures.
  • Bitrate: 128 kbit/s
  • Genre: Country Music
  • Phone: 404-875-8080 / 404-741-0949
  • City of license: Atlanta, GA
  • Owner: IHeartMedia
  • Area Served: Atlanta, GA
  • Branding: 94.9 The Bull
  • Adress: 1819 Peachtree Rd #700, Atlanta, GA 30309
  • Frequency: 94.9 FM
  • Official site:

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