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Radio KCUR 89.3 FM stands as Kansas City's leading source for news and culture. Providing a balanced blend of insightful journalism and captivating stories, we bridge the gap between information and understanding. As the city's heartbeat, our broadcasts delve deep, presenting narratives that both inform and inspire, making us more than just a station but a reflection of Kansas City's essence.

Every program aired on KCUR 89.3 is curated with our diverse listenership in mind, ensuring a mix of topics that resonate and engage. From global affairs to local happenings, arts to sciences, our seasoned team is dedicated to delivering content that matters. And while music isn't our sole focus, when it graces our airwaves, it’s thoughtfully chosen, echoing the rich tapestry of sounds that Kansas City adores. So, whether you're tuning in for an update, a story, or simply to feel connected, KCUR 89.3 FM promises a listening experience that enriches every moment.

  • Bitrate: 128 kbit/s
  • Call sign: KCUR
  • Genre: Public Broadcasting
  • Phone: 816-235-1551
  • City of license: Kansas City, MO-KS
  • Owner: University of Missouri-Kansas City
  • Area Served: Kansas City, MO-KS
  • Adress: 4825 Troost, Suite 202, Kansas City, MO 64110
  • Frequency: 89.3 FM
  • Official site:
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