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Radio CSN International is a beacon of spiritual enlightenment, weaving together faith-driven messages with soulful melodies that resonate deeply with listeners. Bridging the divine with the everyday, CSN offers a sanctuary of hope, inspiration, and unwavering faith. The airwaves are filled with teachings, sermons, and songs that uplift the spirit and provide guidance in life's myriad challenges, ensuring that the word of faith remains accessible to all, anytime and anywhere.Rooted in its mission to spread the teachings and love of the divine, CSN International is more than just a radio station—it's a spiritual journey. Through its diverse programming, it fosters a global community of believers, united in their faith and devotion. Whether it's seeking solace during trying times or celebrating life's blessings, listeners find a home at CSN, making it a cornerstone for spiritual growth and connection in today's fast-paced world.
  • Bitrate: 128 kbit/s
  • Call sign: KAWZ
  • Genre: Talk
  • City of license: Los Angeles, CA
  • Area Served: Los Angeles, CA
  • Adress: PO Box 391 Twin Falls, ID 83303
  • Frequency: 91.1 FM
  • Official site:
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