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Welcome to Radio Amor 107.7 FM, the sanctuary where melodies of love and passion intertwine. Our waves carry the heartfelt tunes that have comforted souls and sparked romances across the airwaves. Known for our dedication to playing the most poignant love songs, Amor 107.7 FM offers listeners a retreat, a place where emotions are celebrated, and the power of music is felt deeply. Dive into a universe where each note resonates with feelings, connecting hearts regardless of distance.

Over the years, Amor 107.7 FM has been a constant companion to many, marking significant moments with the perfect song. From timeless classics to contemporary ballads, our selection has always been curated with love, understanding the emotions that drive our listeners. As we continue our journey, we remain committed to the essence of love, ensuring our broadcasts touch hearts and soothe souls. For a radio experience that cherishes love in every tune, make Amor 107.7 FM your daily escape.

  • Bitrate: 128 kbit/s
  • Call sign: KLJA
  • Genre: pop-latino
  • Phone: 512-453-8899
  • City of license: Georgetown, TX
  • Owner: Univision Radio
  • Area Served: Austin, TX
  • Adress: 2233 W N Loop Blvd, Austin, TX 78756
  • Frequency: 107.7 FM
  • Official site:
Listen to Amor 107.7 FM streaming radio on your computer, tablet, or phone. With Vo-Radio, experience Amor 107.7 FM live online in high quality (bitrate 128 kbit/s, 107.7 FM) without the need to register. Immerse yourself in popular music from the genre pop-latino.

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